Preparation for CELI, CILS and PLIDA certification

Mangiaparole offers the preparation course for the CELI certification exam (University of Perugia), CILS (University of Siena) and PLIDA (Dante Alighieri Society), levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, according to the Common European Framework .

After a free writing and speaking evaluation test, the school coordinators eventually suggest a course in preparation for the exam, using past years exams and carrying out insights on the difficulties that have emerged. 

Mock tests are useful to train the student and help understand the time required to complete the tests. The goal is to become familiar with techniques (multiple choice, True or False, etc.) and topics  in order to develop the necessary strategies to pass the exam.

  • A2 level certification: required for foreign citizens over the age of 14 who wish to apply for the Residence Card, i.e. the EU long-term residency permit.

  • B1 level certification: starting from December 1, 2018 it is necessary to have it to receive the Italian citizenship.

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Since 2019 Mangiaparole partners with Agenzia Salaria offering courses, at their headquarters in the Parioli area, to prepare for the CELI, CILS, PLIDA exam and the Italian course IDL – Italian for Driver’s Licence.

Salaria Agency, certified ISO 9001, has been operating in the field of administrative services since 1956 and is a unique center for all paperworks and certificates: from translations to consular visas, from automotive practices to car and nautical school, from trademark filing to SCIA and insurances.