Italian course for religious students

For many seminarians, priests, religious women and men from all over the world, the Italian language – the official language of the Catholic Church –  is an indispensable communication tool for students interested in studying at Pontifical Universities in Rome and carry out their pastoral service in Italian dioceses.

Our students have the opportunity to learn italian with teachers with extensive experience in congregations, colleges and in the best Pontifical Universities. This allowed us to develop relationship skills and teaching abilities based on a communicative and humanistic-affective approach.



Intensive preparation course for religious studies and / or admission test to Pontifical Universities in Rome

The goal of this course is to guide students to achieve linguistic-communicative skills level B1 – of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – which is the level required by Pontifical Universities.

The course focuses on linguistic-communicative skills needed to embark on a successful academic path: understanding authentic texts, sacred texts, newspaper articles, in addition to developing writing, speaking and pronunciation.

Duration: 5 weeks for a total of 100 hours. Classes start 17th of August 2020 through 18th of September 2020.

Price varies according to number of students.

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Extensive course

The aim of this course is to give academic support to students tackling and deepening morphosyntactic topics at an intermediate/advanced level (B1, C1) and, filling gaps by dedicating time to writing, editing and speaking.

Duration, dates, times and prices to be agreed upon. For more information please contact:


Academic proofreading and editing services – papers, bachelor’s thesis, license and doctorate in philosophical and theological studies.

Interventions mainly concern the following aspects:

  • Copy editing: typos, grammar, spelling errors, punctuation, formatting; 
  • Content editing: eliminating colloquialisms and inconsistencies; 
  • Advising on how to have an effective, cohesive, and understandable academic style;
  • Notes and bibliography editing and style.

All changes are submitted to the student for approval.

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*While annual membership is not required we ask for a contribution fee for the attendance period.