Standard courses

Standard courses are designed for students who wish to study Italian for the first time or for those who already have a basic knowledge and want to take more individual or group lessons. 

Language and conversation lessons are interactive and structured according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) ensuring a full immersion environment, where the Italian language is the only one spoken.

Thanks to the use of authentic teaching materials, expose students to real contexts and allow them to use what they have learned in class in their everyday life.

Lessons can be customized according to the student’s needs and goals.

Individual lessons

1 hour lesson: 29,00 euros

10-hours package: 280,00 euros

20-hours package: 540,00 euros

Courses in pairs

1 hour lesson: 48,00 euros

10-hours package: 460,00 euros

20-hours package: 910,00 euros

Intensive group courses (5 – 10 students)

1-week course: 200,00 euros

2-weeks course: 380,00 euros

3-weeks course: 510,00 euros

4-weeks course: 605,00 euros

+ 1 weeks: 100,00 euros

Small group intensive courses (3 – 4 students)

1-week course: 230,00 euros

2-weeks course: 435,00 euros

3-weeks course: 585,00 euros

4-weeks course: 690,00 euros

+ 1 week: 130,00 euros

Extensive courses are organized according to the student’s needs. Duration, dates, times and prices to be agreed upon. For more information and prices, please email: