The Mangiaparole School offers courses to learn Italian in Rome and Marta (Viterbo)

If you want to learn Italian in the Eternal City this is the school for you! Classes take place in Rome and Marta, a beautiful place in nature and the perfect location to comfortably visit Lazio, Tuscany and Umbria. You can match lessons with a visit to the Colosseum, a trip to Lake Bolsena, a trip to the Via Francigena, and taste the excellent specialties of the central Italian cuisine.

Why Mangiaparole?

The school’s name comes from Mangiafuoco – a character from Pinocchio’s book by Carlo Collodi – the terrible puppeteer that our wooden friend meets during one of his many adventures. The love for this book, known all over the world and symbol of the Italian language, inspired us to use it. 

Fun fact. The school headquarters is in Marta, a few kilometers from Farnese, the country where the movie director, Luigi Comencini, shot his “Pinocchio” in 1972 – which helped increase this incredible character´s popularity.

Watch a scene and visit the movie’s locations.

Do you remember the story

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The best apps to learn Italian

Would you like to learn Italian but you can’t travel? If you can’t come to Rome or attend our online classes, you can certainly use an app! Here is the list of the best apps that can help you easly learn the basics of the Italian language.

BusuuIOS e Android

Drops – IOS e Android

DuolingoIOS e Android

Learn Italian Words Free – Android

Learn Italian – 50 LanguagesIOS e Android

MemriseIOS e Android

The best podcasts

Listen to a pleasant conversation about a topic you’re interested in! Choose the topic that’s right for you and keep studying even when you’re out and about, improving your vocabulary and pronunciation.


Al Dente

Coffee Break Italian


News in slow

Pocket Casts

Speak Italian with your mouth full


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