The name Mangiaparole comes from Mangiafuoco – a character from Pinocchio’s book written by Carlo Collodi – the terrible puppeteer that our wooden friend meets during one of his many adventures. The love for this book, known all over the world and symbol of Italy inspired us to use it. 

The School

Mangiaparole is located in Rome. We offer one-on-one and group courses, standard and online, at all levels. Classes in Rome are in the location established by the student – we work with businesses, embassies, universities, religious congregations and private homes. Classes in Marta take place at the school’s headquarters and in other suggestive places in the area. Studying at Mangiaparole will make you discover hidden corners of the “Eternal City

Our teachers

Our teachers are native speakers, graduates and specialized in teaching Italian as a foreign language, have worked with students of very different nationalities and types and are prepared to face specific sensitivities of each participant.

Benedetta Triulzi

Anita Lorenzotti
Coordinatrice didattica

Luigi Maffeo

Eugenia senesi

Francesca Ruberti
Responsabile Marketing e Servizi agli Studenti