Standard courses are aimed at students who wish to study the Italian language for the first time or to those who intend to deepen their knowledge through individual, couple or group classes.

Classes are interactive and structured according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR). Thanks to the use of activities and authentic teaching materials, the Italian language is presented in everyday life situation. Lessons can be customized according to the time that learners spend in Italy and their personal learning goals.

All our teachers are native Italians and specialized in teaching Italian as a second language (L2). They are able to put students at ease, ensuring a full immersion environment, where the Italian language is the only one to be spoken.

To arrange individual, couple, intensive or extensive group courses (5-10 students) and small groups (3-4 students) please email:

One student standard course

Starting from € 35.00 per hour

Two students standard course

Starting from € 48.00 per hour

At Mangiaparole all teachers and staff have a Green Pass.